Beach Hut Question and Answers

These have been copied from the Canterbury City Council Website

8th April 2011


The Council does not own any beach huts, they are owned privately by individuals or organisations that pay an 'annual site licence fee' to place their hut on a Council owned site. In addition to the site licence fee, the Licensee is required to pay National Non Domestic Rates.



The Private Beach Huts are located to the West of central Herne Bay beach (below Western Esplanade) and the Tankerton Slopes (East and West including Marine Crescent and Long Rock).



Foreshore Services manage the Beach Huts and is part of Community Development and Outdoor Leisure. The following are your normal contacts for Management & Administration of Private beach Huts respectively:


Matthew Young

Foreshore Services

Whitstable Harbour Offices




01227 266719


If your query is regarding invoices or payments of any fees then please contact:

Steve Haddock

Financial Systems and Income

Canterbury City Council

Military Road




01227 862293


2011/12 Beach Hut Licence Rates (£) Inclusive of V.A.T

Herne Bay

                      Residents                    259

                      Non-Residents            390

                      Long Term Discount   121


Tankerton/Longrock/Marine Crescent

                      Residents                    340

                      Non-Residents            504

                      Long Term Discount   143


Q – How much is the non-Domestic national rate charge?

A - The 2011 Rateable Value for Beach Hut sites has been set by the Valuation Office at £600 (Tankerton/Marine Crescent/Longrock) and £350 (Herne Bay).


The rates payable for Beach Huts 2011/12 is.

                Tankerton/Marine Crescent/Longrock           Liability 255.60

Less: Transitional Relief (Granted by central government)               -87.45

Total amount payable without Small Business Rates Relief            168.15

Small Business Rates Relief 01.04.11 to 30.09.11                           -84.07

Small Business Rates Relief 01.10.11 to 31.03.12                           -42.04

Total amount payable with Small Business Rates Relief                   42.04


Herne Bay                                                                           Liability 149.10

Less: Transitional Relief (Granted by central government)               -37.00

Total amount payable without Small Business Rates Relief            112.10

Small Business Rates Relief 01.04.11 to 30.09.11                           -56.05

Small Business Rates Relief 01.10.11 to 31.03.12                           -28.03  

Total amount payable with Small Business Rates Relief                   28.02


If your bill does not show a 50% SBRR reduction, and you do not pay Business Rates anywhere else, then you should

request a SBRR form. Once SBRR is applied you do not need reapply, but you would need to inform the Council if your circumstances change. To obtain the discount form you can contact the Business Rates team or download one from Internet.


For more information about Non Domestic Rate charges, please contact the Business Rates Team on 01227 862 326 and  01227 862 316 or email:


NB. The Government introduced a temporary increase in the level of SBRR. Rateable values under £6000 get 100% reduction until 30.09.11 then it reverts back to the 50% reduction. This has been reflected by giving two separate SBRR amounts. Beach hut owners won%u201Ft be asked to pay anything until 1.10.11.


Q – How can I obtain a beach Hut?

A – Foreshore Services do not own any beach huts. Huts at Tankerton (including Marine Crescent and Longrock) and Herne Bay, are privately owned. You should contact local estate agents in the area or each of the beach hut associations.


Q – Do I require insurance?

A – It is recommended that owners hold insurance. We advise you to contact the beach hut association for information on companies providing competitive rates.


Q – How do I transfer the ownership of my beach hut?

A – You must complete the “Change of beach hut notification” form, which provides details of the process. In place since April 1st 2010, any sales of beach huts are subject to a supplemental rent fee equal to five times the annual licence fee (based upon the net rate for council tax payers at the hut location).

The fee in question will be payable by the vendor and invoiced by Canterbury City Council%u201Fs finance department. Payment of the supplemental rent fee is a pre-condition to any assignment taking place. If it is not paid, the Vendor will not be allowed to transfer the licence.


Q – How do I claim for long term ownership discount?

A – You must complete the “Long term discount application” form.

Criteria are:

You must pay Council Tax to Canterbury City Council. Licence holder(s) must be of state retirement age or over. You must have had a beach hut on a Canterbury City Council licensed site for at least the last fifteen years.


Q – How do I inform you of changes to my details?

A - You must complete the “Change of address/details notification” form and submit to Foreshore Services.


Q – How do I pay for my yearly licence fee?

A – The yearly Licence Fee is payable for the plot of land that the beach hut is sited on. Each year the bills are sent out from the Finance Department to the beach hut owners and are due to be paid on 1st April. People who pay their Council Tax to Canterbury City Council are described as 'residents' and those that do not are classified as 'non-residents'. The rates as at 1 April 2011 are outlined above:


Q – What conditions apply to the use of the beach huts?

A – These are detailed in the beach Hut licence and should be held by all present owners of huts.


Q – Is there a specification for the type of hut to be located on the sites?

A – Yes. These are available to download from the or by request to the Foreshore Office.


Q – Can I have vehicular access to my hut?

A – Your licence does not give you permission to park on the promenade or grass slope. Vehicular access for erecting/moving or maintenance of huts can be gained from the Foreshore Office. Please contact the office prior to requiring access and be mindful that busy times are not the best times to complete this type of work.


Q – Is there a beach hut association I can join?

A – Yes. Both Tankerton and Herne Bay have separate associations. We recommend that you join your respective association as there are many benefits to being a member.


Q – Do the council have recommended suppliers?

A – No. You can chose any supplier for your Beach Hut providing your hut conforms to the specification provided.


Q – Does Canterbury City council report damage or vandalism to owners of huts?

A - It is important that your contact details (particularly telephone number) are held by the City Council and are up to date. If damage/vandalism is noticed and/or reported by the Foreshore Officers, Police or public, we will inform you of the situation as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to carry out repairs and make your hut secure.


Q – I am interested in selling my hut, what should I do?

A - You can advertise in local papers, inform your relative beach hut association or place the hut sale in the hands of an estate agent (There may be fees).


Q – I have sold my hut but haven’t paid Non Domestic Rates yet, what should I do?

A - Send in the „Single Business Rate Relief%u201F form if you do not pay any Business Rates anywhere in the UK (state the date that you sold your hut). You will receive a new bill for 50% of the original charge, and for your period of ownership from 1st April 2011. The new owner will be charged from their date of ownership to 31st March 2012.


Q – I am selling my hut but I haven’t paid the licence fee yet, what should I do?

A - It is your responsibility to arrange the proportion of fee due, to be paid by the current and new owners, either calculate it yourself and make an allowance to the new owner for part, or leave them to be charged for the whole year and, as seller, allow for that.

The Council will not be sending proportional invoices to current and new owners. If we are notified of the new owner after 1st August 2011, they will be charged the whole year – 1st April 11 and 31st March 2012.


Q - So, I have sold, what do I need to do?

A - As the seller it is up to you to notify Foreshore Services at Canterbury City Council. You will be required to complete the „Change of Ownership%u201F form. If the Council does not have this information, it will continue to charge and pursue any unpaid invoices against you.

PLEASE make any agent aware of this fact – some do not pass on the details, nor inform their clients.


Beach Hut Association Details

Tankerton Beach Hut Association

The Secretary

Marilyn Richards

Tel: 01227262066


Herne Bay Beach Hut Association

Andrew Cook