Non Domestic Rates    


 Update for 2013

  George Osborne. The Chancellor, recently anounced that there will be a Holiday for us paying NDR's this year. You will have received a bill from CCC showing a ZERO amount due. So don't be tempted to pay anything for NDR's this year.


Small Business Rates Relief has been extended for a further year until March 2014


Normal years


All Beach Huts are assessed to Non Domestic Rates. These charges are collected by Canterbury City Council on behalf of the national government. The rules are complicated. 


Herne Bay Beach Huts are valued, solely for this purpose at £350 Annually.

In a normal year the annual cost would be roughly £56.00.


It is confusing that NDR's are more usually known as Business Rates. This is because NDR's are generally paid on Business premises. By some weird quirk all Beach Huts are included.


There is a major relief known as Small Business Rates Relief (SBRR). The vast majority of Beach Hut Owners are entitled to Small Business Rates Relief. It may be claimed by completing a very simple form, which is then sent to Canterbury City Council. If you are entitled the SBRR will be given to you.


If you have no other "Business" Premises then you are entitled to SBRR. If other premises (not your home) are owned then do complete the form as you may still be eligible.


Why did I say "normal year". Well the government want to give encouragement to Small Businesses. Normally SBBR is a reduction of 50% of the net rates chargeable upto certain limits. In the current year that ends on 30th September 2012, that reduction is 100% of the Net Rates.


George Osborne in his Autumn Statement in November 2011 extended the subsidy for 6 months until 31st March 2013


So in simple terms if you are entitled to SBRR you will get some very odd paperwork but not have to pay any money.


All new buyers and If you have not already completed an SBRR application form and think you should then Click Here