Updated notes for Proposals for Additional Huts at Herne Bay's West Beach

Posted on 17th November, 2011

You may be aware that for several months there has been reseach into posible additional sites along all of the Coast line.


There are proposals that along Herne Bay's West Beach several additional huts might bebuilt. They will not be built immediately nor is it decided how they will be released to the public.


The original proosals have been considerably changed during the discussions and present plans call for 3 Huts on the Pier side of the Red Shelter. Also 12 Huts on the other side of the Shelter.


Look at the CCC Website for a copy of the Beach Hut Appraisal Report

There are Maps on the appropriate page of the CCC Website Click here for a Link to the full details



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Only just seen this on friends computer, so too late now. There was nothing received in post from the Hut Association, no good for us without a computer at home and not fair.