Proposed Site Rents for 2012 Season

Posted on 15th November, 2011

The Council have now published their draft budget for the next year. Our Hut Rents are included within that budget report. As many of you will know for the next few  years we have fixed a formula to calculate the Hut Site Rents.  The Budget has honoured that agreement.


The Rents will increase by a total of 3.5% the following figure include VAT at 20%


Herne Bay Hut Sites                                      2012                      2011

Local Residents                                                268                         259                   

Out of Canterbury Council Area                        404                         390

Long Term Discounts for Local Residents       132                         121


Tankerton Hut Sites                                       2012                     2011

Local Residents                                                  357                        340

Out of Canterbury Council Area                         530                        504

Long Term Discounts for Local Residents        167                        143 


The Budget will not be finalised for some time and the above figures are still draft  

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CCC link re. proposed increases of beach hut rent etc. for 2013;
From CCC website on 20.11.12
Residents increase £9
Non Residents increase £14
Long Term Owners increase £11
Assignment Fee £1385 - increase of £45
Other Fees
NEW Agents fee - percentage of final sale price 5%
NEW Adaptation fee W/Beach H/Bay per squ. mtr £55
NEW Subletting fee W/Beach, H/ Bay) £840.
NEW Subletting fee Tankerton £1,200.
Beach Winch Sites W/Beach H/Bay £36. increase £1
NEW Storage fees for boats on the beach £150.