Non Domestic Rates Credit Notes issued

Posted on 10th September, 2011

Today's post brought the Credit Note that I had expected. The cancelation of The NDR bill for 2011-12 on my hut.   It's not much money but it represents the cancelation of an additional charge to we Hutters for not just 6 months but in fact for a full year.


I have often said that if the Government can find a difficult way to do things then theres no prize for guessing which choice that they will make. What marketing genius came up with the slogan that Tax needn't be Taxing? HMRC should take it to heart.


So there are perhaps three things that need to be done. If your Business Rates Bill just issued shows a Zero Balance then you do nothing other than file it away. That's as it should be.


However if your account shows that you have paid the charge made in April then you need to claim a refund from CCC Rates department.  I am sure that they will be happy to do this.


The third category is more complicated. If you do not have any business property then you should apply for the Small Business Rates relief. It is a simple form asking not much more than your name and address. Simply call the Rates department at CCC and ask for the form  call either 01227 862 326 or 01227 862 316 Alternatively email to


Once the form is completed then it is noted on your records and you are charged only the correct amount of Non Domestic rates on your Hut.

Alan ratford


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