An Update on the Hut Audit Letters

Posted on 18th August, 2011

This morning I attended a meeting with Matthew Young of Foreshore and Marilyn Richards of the Tankerton Beach Hut Owners Association.


We had a long and productive meeting. The majority of which was taken up with a discussion about the intentions behind the Recent Letters.


The basic aim is to establish just where we are with the condition of the Huts and to establish just what is needed to regularise the information held by CCC about the Huts.  You will all have now received the report for your hut. Hopefully, yours has passed with flying colours but many have not. For most huts the basics are OK. Security, Build quality and Decoration standards were judged as satisfacory.


What will be regarded as contentious are the alterations from the Standard design patterns. You will say that the Hut has been around a long time and the design standards have changed over time. That is true.


What they are looking at with fresh eyes are Steps, Platforms Disability aids, Blocking in pathways at the side of Huts. In particular since February 2003 there has been a requirement to ask permission to make changes to the Huts.


If a family member has a Disability and something has been done to make life safer or simply easier then make the details known to the Foreshore team as soon as possible. Upon satisfactory evidence the these alterations will be looked on favourably. Suject to being regarded as a suitable solution to the problems.


I am aware that the simple addition of steps has been noted on the reports as requiring to gain permission. This is a difficult issue. It is evident that in many cases there is a real need for access by a step or two. Get a letter to Foreshore explaining what you have done, why and when.


They have asked that we submit information to them within 28 days making a flexible deadline of about 8th September.


It is intended that a further inspection wil be carried out in October to see what matters have been corrected, what information has been provided to them and if any deterioration has occured. At that point they will start to decide what needs to be done to get things right if that is possible.


It is probable that in some cases there will be a discusion between the Hutters and Foreshore to seek the best way forward. Only time will tell exactly where this will lead.


As I have said get a letter or phone call to the Forshore team quickly to put your case to them. If there is a problem we will be pleased to assist you to find a way forward.

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