The Council's Beach Hut Audit Letters

Posted on 16th August, 2011

Members of the Foreshore team have inspoected all of the huts both at Herne Bay and Tankerton. Letters have been sent to all Hut owners to request that any reported problems should be rectified.


This is something that has been done many times in the past but was dropped a few years ago. It is now time for the practice to be resumed.


For many reasons it is in everyones interest to keep our Huts in good condition. The sea air is harsh on paintwork and broken pieces on Huts are an invitation to the vandals to destroy what is there. So if you have received a letter saying that something is below par please try to make it good as soon as is practical.


It is intended that further inspections will be carried out to update the CCC's records of the state of each hut.


So basically the Hut Inspections are a good thing.


The old Licences have for several years included a clause that requires that any alterations to the Hut shall be notified to the Foreshore department. The following clause is an extract from the 2003-04 Licence.


2.3 No other structures apart from the Beach Hut shall be erected on site and any alterations from the

original design must be approved by the Foreshore Services Section on behalf of the Council.


The letters are asking that you should say who gave permision and when.So hopefully you will all have said please and kept the permissions.


Whilst clearly these are  individual problems please let us know if you believe that the reports are wrong and we will try to mediate.

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