An update to the Campaign for the new Site Lease

Posted on 26th February, 2013

I last posted an update on 5th January. Since then an enormous amout of work has been done by the Joint Committee for the negotiations with the City Council.


1) We have spoken at a Council Committee regarding the size of the new charges that CCC  propose

2) we have met Peter Vickery-Jones who for  awhile will be Portfolio Holder for the Foreshore

3) we have met with CCC's representatives to discuss the various issues.

4) work in the background


We have made progress but there is much more to do.


1 Overview Committee  Three of us gave speeches at the Overview Committee held on 23rd January. Our points were well received but the format of such meetings is such that there is little to see directly.


2 Meeting with Peter Vickery-Jones  Peter as usual gave us the benefit of his experience and goodwill. He was Portfolio Holder for several years but his brief was changed in the general resuffle that occured in April 2011. He is currently serving in this position following the removal of Neil Baker from this role. Unfortunately Peter will probably not be in this role beyond the annual re-shuffle in April -May 2012.


The purpose of the meeting was to inform him of the nature of the problems that we face wil the Council Budget for the year 2013-14 and various other issues that we currently face. He told us a lot about how and why things had developed. Clearly we emphasied that in our view the Council Charges were far too high.


It was a very useful meeting for both sides.


3) We have also had a set piece meeting with Suzi Wakeham who is the head of The Outdoor Leisure Department. Richard Griffiths and Janet Taylor who is the deputy head of the Legal Department.   Again a most useful meeting but we have learned that it is necessary to regard CCC' with very great care.


The Administration Charge. This is the new charge on selling Huts at £360 plus VAT. That will not be charged in year 2013-14


The Charge for Adaptaions. This mainly affect the Huts at Tankerton. It will be charged from April 2013 but we will be involved in the review of which huts are to be charged.


Sub-letting Fees  There are a small number of Huts that are sublet on what amounts to a commercial basis. The owners of thse huts will be informed about the charge which will be levied in April.


User Pays It seems that the Council is working on the basis that "the user pays".  We have demonstrated to CCC that the Hutters contribute a substantial profit to the Council Budget and in our opinion this particular user certainly does pay.


New Tenancy Agreement    We have been given CCC's latest draft of the Tenacy Agreement. It once more offers a year by year rolling term without the cap that they have been talking about over the last two years.  We were told that almost everything else was to be reviewd over the next three months


Next Meeting

It has now been confirmed that we are meeting the Council's Team on Thursday 21st March 2013



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