Some Letters sent to Richard Griffiths

Posted on 5th January, 2013

Mr R Griffiths

Community Development & Outdoor Leisure

Canterbury City Council

Military Road




8th December 2012

Dear Mr Griffiths

Thank you for your letter dated 5th December 2012. I have carefully considered its contents and would make the following comments and objections. As you are well aware I am part of the team from the two Beach Hut Owners Associations but this letter is in respect of my personal capacity as the owner of Hut 61 West Beach Herne Bay.

You state in several places that consultation has taken place between CCC and the Owners Associations with the implication that we are in agreement with the proposals. You should be aware that none of the proposals are specifically agreed and there are some with which there are total disagreement.

 Administration Charge of £360 plus VAT. Your letter is the first intimation that this charge is proposed. It is not clear what is meant by this charge. Upon what sales is it to be levied? Is this for “sales” or does it include all inter family changes? Your letter is not at all clear as to who is expected to pay this fee.

 You say in your letter that the Council do not at present charge for the administrative changes on a Sale. However prior to the introduction of the Transfer Fee of 5times rent there was such a charge and the last reference that I can find on the CCC Website is for year 2009-10 when it was £81 including VAT. Presumably it is currently subsumed into the 5 time Rent fee for which CCC Charge £1,340 at HB and £1,785 for Tankerton.

 How do you justify the size of this new fee? The work that is described would not appear to that onerous. It was previously charged at only £81 including VAT. The amount of work would not seem to have charged. The receipts that the Council achieve on a Sale are already high but this is frankly monstrous.

 I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

 Yours faithfully

 Alan Ratford Hut 61 Herne Bay.


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