CCC Letter issued April 2011

Posted on 11th August, 2011

On 12th April 2011 the Council issued a Licence document. The document was not as we had agreed and we were advised that it is technically incorrect. Consequently we advised people not to gign nor return it to CCC.


Following the election Andrew realised that he could not lead an Association that is committed to negotiations with the City Council. He therefore resigned his post of Chairman and as a Committee Member of the Association. Since then he has not been involved in the management of the Association and indeed has declined to discuss Beach Hut matters at Council Meetings. We do however welcome him in as an advisor and his observations on his daily walks along the huts.  


CCC issued a reminder letter about returning the Licence of 12th April 2011. Once again that letter has some monumental errors and once again we reccommend that members decline to return the document. 



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