Best Association

The purpose of this site is to assist members by drawing attention to matters as they arise so that action may be taken as quickly as needed. So please look regularly at the News pages


Objectives and Achievements


We act as a focus for the Beach Hut Owners in all matters that relate to our connections to Canterbury City Council.


We formed in Summer 2005 in response to various changes proposed to the Rents and to problems surrounding future sales of huts and ownership rights.


Over the past 6 years we have been continually negotiating with the City Council to establish a working relationship and to engender trust on both sides so that both CCC and the Hutters achieve a fair balance of rights and duties.


Over the period our representation has grown so that we now represent about 200 of the 248 Huts at Herne Bay. We have also forged strong links with like minded groups along the Coast.


We work in close collaboration with our neighbours at Tankerton in the negotiations with Canterbury City Council. Together we have been able to create with the Council a formula so that Rent increases are linked to changes in the Council Tax. This means that the Rent changes of the next few years change by a known formula without the arguments of the past.


We can act as intermediaries in the transfer of huts between Vendors and Purchasers. We have details of hutters who wish to sell and can put those wishing to purchase huts in touch with Vendors. Additionally we have set up a mechanism to hold the Sale price whilst CCC carry out the formailties of a Hut Transfer.


We carry out regular Beach Cleans in conjunction with the Marine Conservation Society.



We have been voted BEST BEACH HUT ASSOCIATION OF 2011. 


 So a big thank you to everyone who may have voted for us


But our real intention is to have fun on the Beach and enjoy the Sea. Witness our annual Beach Hut Day celebrations.