Transfers within a family


We have agreed with Canterbury City Council that when a family decide that it is time to move hut ownership within the generations then there will be a free transfer of the Tenancy.


There are many situations when this might occur. Mum & Dad might want to give the Hut to their children or grandchildren or some variation on that theme.  This is also needed on the death of the registered owner.


In such circumstance all that is required is for a family member to complete the Councils Change of ownership form  and send it to the Foreshore Office.  


When considering this option please do not lose sight of the Discount given to Long Term Owners.

The definition is that ALL registered owners of a Hut must be Council Tax payers to Canterbury City Council AND be eligible to receive the State Retirement Pension. AND that the registered owners must have owned a Hut or Huts within the Canterbury District for a continuous period of 15 years. 


If you are eligible to claim the Long Term Discount then see this form