Basically the procedures are very similar whether buying or selling so this page deals with both aspects

There are different arrangements in place where a family decide to change the ownership within the limits of the family. See Family Transfers page.



We are frequently asked about Huts for sale. So we try to link possible Purchasers with Vendors.



Some time ago we discovered that there are potential problems with the delay that can occur between reaching agreement to transfer a Hut and the passing over the Money.  Because of this we have put in place a system so that we act as Stakeholders whilst the transfer is in progress.


We therefore opened a Client Bank Account. In this we hold the agreed proceeds of Sale. Once the Transfer Invoice is issued we make the payment to Canterbury City Council. That account is held strictly for the transactions of Clients buying and selling a hut.


When the new Agreement is issued we pay the balance of the sales funds to the Vendor.


For this Service we ask a Donation of £100.00 which is paid by the Vendor from the sale proceeds.


Internet Banking

All of the Bank transactions are made using Internet Banking. This has the result that all funds held are "Cleared Funds" available on demand. Using the Bank's Faster payment system all money transfers are effectively instantaneous.  



In order for us to act on your behalf to sell a hut we require that you should sign this contract



The Council's Transfer fee

CCC as siteowner require that a fee should be paid when a Hut is sold outside of a Hutter's close family. That fee is set at Five times the Annual Standard Rent for a Local Resident. In the season 2011-12 the cost is £1,295.00. It is paid by the Hut vendor and MUST be paid before a new Hut Licence is issued.


In the remote chance that the  new licence is not issued then CCC will refund that fee.


City Council Documents Change of Ownership Form  this form links the Vendors and the new Owners so that a new Tenancy Agreement can be issued.


Once we are informed that the new Teanancy has been issued then we payover the funds to the Vendor using their nominated bank account.




Membership of HBBHOA.

As you would expect we hope that we will one day represent all of the Huts along Herne Bay's Beach. Member ship is only £10 annually and new members in 2011 will be paid up until 31st Decemberc 2012. There are various incentives to encourage membership. So we attach an application form here.


Beach Hut Insurance      

We strongly reccomend that all Hut Buyers take out Insurance on their huts. One of the incentives mentioned is that we have arranged that our Insurers give all members a Discount on the annual premiums. That discount works out at just under 20%. To take advantage of this you simply need to advise that you are a member and that your membership number is ......

For a link to TL (Risk  Solutions) please click here.


Non Domestic Rates  All Beach Huts are assessed individually for NDR's. This is a complicated issue Please follow this link to the NDR Page


What you will receive from CCC when the formalities are complete. 

As you will see from other pages on this site we are engaged in negotiating with CCC to have a proper Tenancy Agreement that in the well worn phrase is "Fit for purpose". The legal advice that we have received from a respected Queens Counsel skilled in Property matters, is that the present "Licence" falls down on several important matters.


 Here is a link to the document issued to us in April 2011  As said earlier this is the OLD licence that we are fighting hard to get changed but it is much too soon to put onto the website.The new one has improvements but there are several wrinkles to sort out. So Watch this space!